Environment Grant 2021/2022

Application Form to the Grant scheme for Environment Grant

If you are interested in applying and would like advice or an opportunity to discuss the suitability of your bid prior to application contact the Community Development Team – 01795 417155

Before completing this form please read the accompanying guidance information

Your Organisation
Applicant Forename
Applicant Surname
Twitter Account Name eg. @SwaleCouncil
What is the status of your group or organisation?

Briefly describe your project or activity, (considering the below), including who will benefit, how your project will benefit Swale and the estimated project completion date (please use an additional sheet if necessary).

Please describe how your project contributes to the environmental objectives of Swale Borough Council’s ‘Working together for a better borough’ document; your application will be measured against the criteria of ‘Investing in our environment and responding positively to global challenges’. Please consider how your application rises to the challenge of sustaining high standards of cleanliness (tackling litter and fly tipping), reducing household waste, further improving recycling rates, tackling climate change and promoting environmental gain. As the funds have been sourced from litter and fly tipping fixed penalty notices that have been issued to offenders, the application must contribute to creating a cleaner borough.

Project Costs (note 2021/22 refers to October 2021 to February 2022)

Please provide copies for the proposed expenditure listed in this application, showing the company details for verification as appropriate

Supporting Material:

Project Costs 1

Amount (£)
VAT (£)

Total Project Expenditure

Income Row 1

Income (cash/in-kind)
Amount (£)

Total Project Income

Total Grant Requested
Please identify any ‘in kind’ support the project will receive – eg. Donations of land, property, or professional expertise provided in order to support the project.


The grant award must only be spent on the project as outlined in this application form.

I declare the information provided within this application is correct to the best of my knowledge and the grant will only be spent as outlined in my application and will comply with the Terms & Conditions detailed in the guidance notes.

I will ensure that monitoring information is provided at the end of the project and that the support provided by Swale Borough Council will be featured within any publicity of the project.

I will ensure that I am compliant with all the necessary legislation (e.g. Health and Safety) and adhere to policies required for my organisation (policies are Equality & Diversity and Safeguarding if working/in contact with vulnerable adults and children). Terms & conditions have been read in the grant guidance notes.

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For additional information or support please contact the Community Grants Team at Swale Borough Council, via email through communitygrants@swale.gov.uk, or via telephone 01795 417155.

If you would like hard copies or alternative versions [i.e.] large print, audio, different languages we will do our best to accommodate your request, please contact Swale Borough Council or telephone the Customer Service Centre on 01795 417850.

All of the personal information provided by you will be kept in strictest confidence and will not be shared with anyone else.

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